Empower a girl
Migas - short for Friends - 7 Women To Know. During preadolescence, girls start to affirm themselves in society using the references presented throughout their lives, but there are few female references with inspiring stories that are available for these girls.
Migas - 7 Brazilian Women To Know is a children's book that shows inspiring stories of great Brazilian women in different fields, increasing the number of references for girls and leading them to self-knowledge. The book contains illustrations, real images of the women and their daily lives, and activities related to the story that was presented. All with a young and intimate language,

Besides from the pictures, the entire book has original content. The entire curatorship involving the activities, information and choices of women are the result of intense team work. The development took place over 4 months at the end of 2015 with the help of our professors and colleagues from the Department of Arts and Design at PUC-Rio. Thank you all.

Graphic design and art direction: Andre Manoel
Texts and Illustrations: Joyce Fucci and Juliana Damasio

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